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News Coverage & Reviews

Below is a selected list of news coverage and reviews of Maeve Hickey's work over the years. If you are interested in writing an article about Maeve Hickey and her work, please contact her.

  • Ongoing reviews of both Tunnel Kids and Ambos Nogales through 2006
  • June 2002 Tucson Weekly
  • May 2002 Arizona Illustrated
  • Celeste Gonsalez, TV
  • May 2002 Nogales International
  • August 2002 Review of Remnants of Desert Passage
  • Arizona Citizen

Lost and Found Assemblages and Installation

  • "A touching exhibit …Hickey’s sensitive interpretation of the migrants’ desert trash...[is] timely and necessary...[it] puts a human face on an unfolding human tragedy that transcends national and international immigration politics and border enforcement." - Zita Arocha, El Paso Times, 11/18/2004
  • “It is a daunting task to make sense out of all this, let alone to try to make art of it...Hickey has succeded in making art- and making us think.” -John Ross, Texas Observer, 1/21/05
  • "Is it an art installation or an altar? Here a museum quality display case holds, among other objects, the following: empty plastic water jugs, a backpack, a baby bottle, soap, Colgate toothpaste, a hair brush, a sardine can, a sock, and used Aeromexico tickets .."- Demetria Martinez, National Catholic Reporter, (8/1/2002)

Tunnel Kids (Book and Exhibitions):

“Here is the very best of the documentary tradition, the lives, both told and shown, of children who seek a better life across a border that separates two nations and in so doing, prove themselves resourceful and knowing.” Robert Coles, author of Spiritual Life of Children.

"Hickey, in the static uniformity of her portraits, has drawn us into that cinderblock room in Nogales but has given us an access that can only ever be incomplete, a vulnerable snapshot. More graphic images would only install a false sense of empathy, as if we could truly know what life is like on and under the streets of Nogales by staring at dimly lit pictures appropriate to our imaginings. In a poetic fashion, Hickey reconstructs our image of that thin southern line as more than a border to be crossed but a transnational destination." - Russell Leigh Sharman, American Book Review, Jan-Feb 2002

"Nothing distracts from each character…the clothes, jaunty T-shirts and baseball caps… provide an ironic counterpart to the reality of homelessness" - Alannah Hopkin

"Tunnel Kids forces readers willing to look honestly within themselves to confront the conundrum that is human nature." - Cornelia deBruin, Taos News, New Mexico, July 19 2001.

  • Jan2002 Review of Project Show- Frank Shouldice, ION, Dublin
  • Oct 2001 Featured in column, Nuala O'Faolain, The Irish Times
  • May 2001 Feature Article, The Irish Times
  • May 2001 Publishers Weekly
  • May 2001 New Hour, Tucson TV
  • Apr 2001 Booklist
  • Apr 2001 Featured on National Public Radio, "Living on Earth"
  • Apr 2001 The Nogales International
  • Apr 2001 Leyla Catan Show, Spanish Language TV, Tucson
  • Apr 2001 Arizona Illustrated TV show, Celeste Gonsalez
  • Mar 2001 The Examiner (National Paper, Ireland)

The Road to Mexico (Book and Exhibitions):

"Sympathetic, absorbing and true." - the Oregonian, 9/97

"Always present yet somehow not intruding…lovely passages catch the feel, the colors and odors and textures." - John Haddox, Password, El Paso winter 1997

"A delicious narrative and evocative photos on the blue highways stretching from Tucson, Arizona to Magdalena de Kino, Sonora" - Ron Mader,, November 1997

"A portrait of a vital, sun-scorched area, dense with history, emerges with great precision."- Kirkus Reviews, 1997

"Readers who love trips will find themselves reaching for a suitcase…: Lynn Cline, The New Mexican, Santa Fe, 11/9/97

"Makes you reconsider your assumptions about what still drives travelers, timid or brave…" Francine Prose, New York Times Book Review, December 7,1997

"Ably romanticizes this arid yet culturally rich landscape." -The Library Journal, 10/1/97

"Emphatic yet restrained...illustrated by Hickey's perceptive images." -Booklist

  • January 7, 1997- chosen as one of the best travel books of 1997 by the New York Times Book Review
  • March 1998, Arizona Illustrated, Bill Buckmaster, TV
  • March 1998, Books and Company, Phoenix TV
  • March 1998, The Tucson Weekly
  • January 1998, The South American Explorer/ Planeta Platica
  • January 1998, Dallas Morning News 1/24/98
  • November 23, 1998, "The Road to Understanding" The Morning Call, Bethlehem, PA
  • November 9, 1998 Santa Fe New Mexican
  • November 1997, "The Border", Lafayette Alumni News
  • November 1997, "Maeve Hickey and Larry Taylor take 'The Road to Mexico", Cur Non, IX: 1, Fall 1997
  • October 1997, The Lafayette
  • September 1997, The Oregonian
  • September 1997 Booklist
    September 1997 Library Journal
  • August 1997 Kirkus Reviews
  • November 1995 "Photography and Life on the Road to Mexico: Photojournalist Maeve Hickey Presents Images of Life on the 2000 mile US-Mexico Border" , Billy Roberts, The Davidsonian 11/27/95


"The renowned Irish photographer has unveiled a glimpse of a long-standing Mexican tradition… Hickey's lucid and simple images capture the exhaustion, dedication and determination of the Tohono O'odham people." Lana Martin, The Muse, St. John's, Newfoundland, 9/23/04

Reviews of Exhibitions in other media:

"Compositions that are at once earthy and ceremonial" -- Eileen Watkins, Sunday Star-Ledger, 3/12/95

“…like travelling into a Victorian myth… a sense of memory pervades as ojects from far away and long ago meld into sculpted images of yesteryear. Or of an old legend. Or was it a dream?.. Inherent in each work is a mystery, a story you haven’t heard. “ Kristen Klick, The Morning Call, 1/29/95

  • "Artists in the Factory Building" Morning Call, 3/97
  • "Contradictory Conclusions is Study in Contrasts" , Kristen Klick, Morning Call, 3/26/95
  • "Northampton Community College Exhibits Intimate Works", Jacob Meyerowitz, Easton Express-Times 3/24/95
  • "Mysterious Collages" Eileen Watkins, Sunday Star Ledger, 3/12/95
  • "3-D Art Displays Creative Mix of Found Objects" Jacob Meyerowitz, Express Times, 2/10/95
  • "Hickey's Works Reveal a Strange Land of Imagination", Tammy Paolino, Hunterdon County Democrat, 2/2/95
  • "Maeve Hickey exhibits at Hunterdon Center", Kristen Klick, Morning Call, 1/22/95
  • "Diversity" Ralph Bellantoni, The Courier-News, 1/22/95
  • "Fragments Form Lore in Hickey's Work", Kristen Klick, Morning Call 1/29/95
  • "Found Object Construction" Hunterdon County Democrat, 1/19/95
  • "Sculptor to Display Her Works" Margaret Regan, The Easton Express, 10/1/82
  • "Maeve Hickey's Figurative Work" Margaret Frank, The Lafayette, 10/1/82