Maeve Hickey, Artist & Photographer
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Art & Photography

Working in a great variety of mediums, including assemblage, sculpture, two-dimensional work and photography, Maeve Hickey’s work explores human landscapes and dreamscapes. Her earliest influences continue to shape Hickey’s work. The home and lives of her nearly Victorian grandparents left her fascinated with materials, and themes like memory and nostalgia, evident in the assemblages such as the hair wreath series. Years of childhood ballet classes engendered a life-long love of music, dance and the play of illusion, visible in such pieces as Stolen Childhood and The Greek Bride.

With a wide range of materials (mud, wire, plaster, paint, string, hair, blood, fabric, as well as photographs) she captures, creates and animates everything from mysterious bands of sculpted “brothers”, possible pilgrims' real or imagined relics, to the photographed beautiful mariachi singer gazing shyly out from under her sombrero. Across the range of work a singular sensibility is present, making the strange familiar and the familiar strange.