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In collaboration with writer and anthropologist Lawrence J. Taylor, Maeve Hickey is the author of three books:

Ambos Nogales The Tunnel Kids
Ambos Nogales
An account of the stark contrasts between Nogales, Arizona and Nogales, Mexico.
Tunnel Kids
Explores the world of children who live in tunnels along the Mexico/ arizona border.
The Road to Mexico
A narrative of Maeve Hickey and Lawrence Taylor's encounters while traveling the road links Mexico and Arizona.
Tales from the Desert Borderland
Tales from the Desert Borderland
To be published in 2020

Maeve Hickey's work has also been featured in the following publications:

Gender, Nation, and Religion in European Pilgrimage

Photgraphs featured on the cover and throughout the book.

2015: The Tourism Imaginary and Pilgrimages to the Edges of the World
Photographs and pilgrimage account
Channel View Publications

2012: Gender, Nation, and Religion in European Pilgrimage
Cover and chapter photographs
Ashgate Press, Surrey, England

2008: Mosaic: A Celebration of Irish Research
Publisher: IRCHSS