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Gender, Nation, and Religion in European Pilgrimage

Gender, Nation, and Religion in European Pilgrimage
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Photographs by Maeve Hickey; essays by assorted authors

In photographs on the cover and throughout the book, Maeve Hickey explores the powerful interaction of people and place at the core of pilgrimages. From Ireland to France, Italy, and Malta, her photographs reveal the importance of pilgrimage.

"Pilgrimage sites function as nodes in intersecting networks of religious discourses, geographical routes and political preoccupations, which become stages for playing out the boundaries between home and abroad, Muslims and Christians, pilgrimage and tourism, Europe and the world. This book shows how the old routes of Europe are offering inspirational opportunities for making new journeys."


"‘A hugely important volume for anyone wanting to understand the growing significance of pilgrimage in Europe and even beyond."
- Simon Coleman, University of Toronto, Canada

" enthralling testimony to the pilgrim’s life...We see the drifts of spirit hungry people criss-crossing the Europe of today."
- Edith Turner, University of Virginia